Immeo, Our values

Our values

Our values define who we are and what we do. You will experience them when you work together with Immeo.


Our success is not measured purely by systems and coding, but in the value we create for our customers and the people who employ our solutions.

That is why we go to great lengths to understand our customers’ business and organizations, so we can develop solutions together to create remarkable results.



We work together with our customers. Not for them. We move in every time, so we can get close to the organization. The entire team. The entire project. It provides the best framework to understand their business, organization and reality and it is a key element of our long-lasting customer relationships.



We always deliver high quality, never settling for less. We use only the best technology for the task and we take pride in writing high quality code. We take responsibility , we deliver and we solve the customers’ challenges, whether it is about understanding the business and organization or architectural design. Ultimately, it is all about taking pride in our work and therefore we have high ambitions on behalf of our customers. And ourselves.