Digital Solutions for the Industrial sector


At the forefront of new customer experiences 

Digital transformation is bringing about major changes in the majority of manufacturing companies. Many of these are facing significant changes in the markets, with customers expecting new digital solutions to deliver individual and coherent services in an increasing number of channels and marketplaces. This evolution is called Industrial Consumerism. More and more, it requires companies to deliver the same customer experience known from the B2C market in the B2B market. 

Innovation and quality

Many Nordic-based manufacturing companies develop and produce “premium products”, characterized by great innovation and quality. This means that they constantly need to focus on producing more intelligent products that do not compete on price but rather on unique properties and declaration of performance. 

New digital services provide great opportunities for both innovation and service, by enabling more efficient cloud- and data driven processes as well as the development of more intelligent products driven by the Internet-of-Things (IoT). Gartner calls this development Industry 4.0.