Webinar: inriver ui update

Sivert Bertelsen, Principal, Immeo

18. august 2021

10-11 am
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inriver goes live with an UI update and that means significant changes for you who work in inriver. From September 1, the updated UI will no longer be optional, but standard. 


inriver UI update

In addition to a redesign of the interface, several functions that are frequently used in Enrich and Plan & Release have been changed to improve the user experience.  

Join our free webinar in which Immeo’s very own inriver PIM champion Sivert Bertelsen will walk you through the changes in the user interface and what they mean for you as a user. You will also get a quick guide on how to enable UI in your inriver environments.  

The webinar is in English.

Sivert Kjøller Bertelsen, Principal Immeo

M: +45 22 25 67 98 | E: sbe@immeo.dk

Learn more about Sivert here